Featured Content Picture #8 Our LoL team will be attending a Norwegian LAN event called! Stay tuned for more info regarding the team!
Featured Content Picture #6 We welcome our new CSGO-team! Read more down below.
Featured Content Picture #7 We are announcing our new LoL team from Sweden very soon! Stay tuned for more information.
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Well it was a while we had a CSGO-team, but here they are! Please welcome former stayINET!
The current lineup is:
Robin "rubeN" Wängestam
Tomh "Nanoh" Strandberg
Rasmus "Originalfattie" Widstrand
Herman "kARLZZONp" Karlsson
Mattias "PinkPhant" Torevik

New partnership!

Today is a very big day for ous at eXire-eSports! We are now announcing a new awesome sponsor to cooperate with! It's GUNNAR Optiks who creates computer eyewear!

We are very glad for this partnership and hope this will develop very good!

Bad news!

Our CSGO-team had some troubles getting two new players into the team and that's why we have to announce that they have to leave the organization!

We wish you all the best in the future!

  csg Exire vs. TBA - 0:0
  csg Exire vs. TBA - 0:0
  csg Exire vs. TBA - 0:0
  csg Exire vs. TBA - 0:0